In fact, some films have gotten sequels almost entirely based on their performance in the country.
Chinese social media users are not allowed to discuss or circulate images of the chubby flat faced bear for fear that the Pooh’s likeness may be used to mock Xi , according to the BBC .
Winnie the Pooh is banned in China by the ruling Communist Party (CCP) because of the animated bear’s shocking resemblance to the country’s leader, Xi Jinping. The Chinese name for Winnie the Pooh (Little Bear Winnie) is being blocked on Chinese social media sites because bloggers have been comparing the plump bear to … The blocking of Winnie the Pooh might seem like a bizarre move by the Chinese authorities but it is part of a struggle to restrict clever bloggers from getting around their country's censorship. Winnie the Pooh's banned status in China assuredly vexes Disney though, as the Chinese market has become increasingly more important to Hollywood's bottom line.

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