J.Carr Interview on Illuminati 2G

J.Carr was interviewed today on the popular music blog Illuminati 2G.

I2G kicked it with J. Carr for an exclusive interview. We discuss his new project, Godspeed, his musical influences and much more so check it out.

I2G is here with J.Carr how’s it going?

Good man, working hard. Staying positive.

Tell me a little bit about how you got your start in music and who are some of your musical influences out there coming up.

I’ve been doing music pretty much all my life. Its in my blood. My father is a musician and he played a lot of instruments but he couldn’t properly play the role as father. The musical genetics that he gave me still managed to appear in my life as I grew older. As far as influences are concerned it all started with Puff Daddy, Dr. Dre, Master P & E-40. Puffy, my first purchased CD being No Way Out got me really hooked into the showmanship of hip-hop.

I was a huge fan of Bad Boy and what many would call the “shiny suit” era and loved how they put so much work into the equity of their brand. A lot of artists are so focused on their individual message they forget about the listener/viewer/consumer and I felt Puffy really embraced the onlooker. “The Victory” and “Come With Me” videos made hiphop artists into action stars and me being at a single digit age at the time got hooked onto MTV waiting for a Bad Boy video to play. Dr. Dre got me really into the production aspect of music and I can say after hearing The Chronic thats when I decided it was time to start my music career as a producer. When I came across E-40 I was immediately a fan of his unique approach as an artist.

Around this time was when I started the transition from producer to artist and really used E-40 as a blueprint because of his many different styles, approaches and how he maintains his individuality in a copy cat industry. I try to be as universal as possible in the delivery department so you will hear my many different approaches to putting together a verse in my music. Master P got me into the do it yourself concept of music. After being a fan of the entire No Limit catologue I decided it was time to take all this things that I learned from the many different artists I mentioned/listened to and just get the ball rolling with my own independent situation: Carr Club Music….and here we are today.

For someone that is new to your music, how would you best describe your sound?

Inspirational. My music is meant to inspire. A lot of the new music focuses on the “already successful” aspect of life. Very few artist focus on that period when the light at the end of the tunnel is very small. I take it upon myself to become the soundtrack for man’s journey through that dark tunnel…towards the light.

Do you have any videos set to drop?

Not at the moment, in this digital/microwave age artists are dropping music like rain. I prefer to wait until the time is right for me. I wouldn’t film a video just to drop it, it has to make sense and thus be appreciated.

Do you have any other new projects that you currently have in the works and when will they be released?

“Godspeed” is the current project. Its my debut project on my independent label, Carr Club Music. “Godspeed” represents hoping/praying for the best and is the perfect soundtrack for the journey through the tunnel. Its produced entirely by O’dell of Beats By The Pound and will feature a lot of artists I look up to and respect.

What’s some singles or albums that you are currently playing that you are feeling at the moment?

Jesus Piece by The Game. I played that enough times on Spotify to send his great, great grandkids through college. I also got several copies of the album. Nothing too much in the singles dept.

Do you have any upcoming shows or tour dates?

Yes we have a few shows in the works at a few colleges. One I can announce is that I am co-headlining a Spring Concert at Florida International University the first week of April.

What is your website information?


Appreciate your time, any last words?

Good luck and Godspeed.

Read The Interview Here: http://www.illuminati2g.com/untouchable/2014/03/27/j-carr-interview/

GodSpeed is coming soon on Carr Club Music produced entirely by O’dell of Beats By The Pound.